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Deigo pictureWe are a wellness/health tourism facilitator focusing on those resources in Okinawa. Being good at connecting people, we provide a full range of services for your trip to Okinawa. We will guide you through your trip.

Some people want to travel to a different place to receive a treatment to an ailment, disease, or condition because of (1) high cost of medical procedure in the devolved countries, and (2) high quality care, better access to care, and post-operative care in developing countries.

Some other people want to travel to different places in different countries because they want to enhance or maintain their personal health (Health tourism) and welling (Wellness tourism).  Because they are not satisfied with sightseeing, shopping, or sun bath, they want to more than that.  They seek unique and authentic therapies or experiences at some exotic place which may not be available at home. These procedures may or may not involve medical procedures.  They choose a destination that gives them health benefits that they want.

Once People come to Okinawa, they will love subtropical weather, crystal clear seas with colorful fish, unspoiled beaches and rainforest, nice and happy people, and healthy food…list goes on. Especially beaches and crystal clear blue waters will immediately wash their worries away. They could spend hours and hours and find themselves wondering how the time has gone by so quickly.

Chen Honggan, President and CEO

Ryukyu Resource, Inc.

Unique Culture of Okinawa

Okinawa is one of Japan’s favorite getaways because of unspoiled natural environment. Much of wildlife is underwater of neighbor islands. But, there are a number of indigenous species on the land like Yanbarukuina (Gallirallus okinawae or Okinawa rail), Noguchigera (Sapheopipo noguchii, or Okinawa woodpecker), Iriomote yamaneko (Iriomote wild cat), and less welcome habu snake. If you are lucky, you will see yanbarukuina walking on the street of Yanbaru, forests in the north of Okinawa Main Island.

Okinawa was once a small independent country called Ryukyu Kingdom from the 15th to 17th centuries. The kingdom was an important trading hub linking China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. All those different cultures influences to make its own unique culture today.

You can see influenced cultures from a typical Okinawan dish called a champuloo, which means “mixing together.” For example, Goya (Bitter melon) Champloo, mixing Goya along with tofu, pork, eggs, and dashi tells its culinary heritages on a plate. Goya came to Okinawa from Southeast Asia and quickly became one of Okinawans most favored vegetables. Pork came from China. Like Chinese, Okinawans use every part of the pig “except for its squeal.” Dashi or a stock came from Japan. Dashi is made from kelp and bonito fish flakes, and is the base for most Okinawan dishes.

Okinawan's favorite Goya Champuloo

Company Profile

Ryukyu Resource, Inc. was Established in October 16, 2013.
It will utilize all the resources in Okinawa for both local people and travelers to:
1, Research trends and updates to get answers for the needs of its customers,
2, Develop and offer progressive solutions for Medical/Health/Wellness tourism customers,
3. Introduce and sell indigenous Okinawan herbs, and
4. help to define health and productivity benefits.

Medical/Health/Wellness Tourism business experience in Okinawa

Ryukyu Resource, Inc. was awarded "Okinawa Medical Tourism grand in 2013" and "Okinawa Wellness/Health Tourism grant in 2014." The latter is in progress.







Awamori is made from Thai rice because the technique of distilling came from Thailand in the 15th century.

Bad Stress And Good Health

Stress is everywhere. It is quite normal to feel stressed. Being stressed-out sometimes motivates us to focus on our work, other times, if it too much, discourages us to concentrate on anything. Stress affects everyone in different ways.

The human body nervous system is divided into the central and the peripheral nervous system which is further divided into the somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system, which is further divided into the enteric system, the sympathetic system, and the parasympathetic system.

The autonomic system mainly controls functions like regulating blood pressure and heart rate and digesting food over which we are almost not aware of. Its nerves leave the spine and connect to all the major organs and glands, either inhibiting or stimulating their activity. The sympathetic nervous system controls activities while the parasympathetic nervous system controls inactivates or sleep.

We all know that the key to good health is healthy lifestyle, namely physical activity, balanced diet, and good sleep. The autonomic nervous system controls and keeps the balance. The sympathetic system prepares and uses energy when the body needs it. When nervousness or stress comes in, we need extra energy for fighting or running away. But, as the system uses up the energy, the body gets depleted and very tired. The parasympathetic system comes in to nourish, heal, and regenerate the body. Stress produces changes in many body systems like increased heart rate and blood pressure and altered immune function. Some amount of stress is healthy, but excessive stress, left untreated, can lead to anxiety and illness. Stress can be from external or internal factors. Internal stressors could be too much worry about something, and external stressors could be environmental air pollutions. Pesticides as residues in food, air and water might result in allergic symptoms for some.

Nature provides great stress relief. Just staying in Okinawa leads to a return to normal functioning of body, mind and spirit in a normal, natural way. Being in Okinawa leads to a return to normal functioning of body, mind and spirit in a normal, natural way. Along with taking fresh air, organic food produced in Okinawa and healthy interactions you have with people in Okinawa nourishes you better. And then, as you take proper rest, the body normalized itself, and you can enjoy better health. Once people have stayed at Okinawa, they will come again to Okinawa every time they are stressed out. Experience nice crystal clear water and breathtaking view.