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Wellness/Health Tourism - Aging Gracefully

Just walking can help relieve stress. For elderly people, walking not only relives stress but also enhances overall health of muscles, bones, joints, circulation, heart, lungs, digestion, bowels, and mind - aging gracefully. 

As people age, most of them slowly begin to lose the ability to walk.  Also, they don't want to walk due to obesity, injury, and chronic disease like osteoarthritis (OA), one of the most common forms of arthritis. It breaks down joints.  But, OA is not fully understood at this time: there is no cure for it.  

However, the use of easy exercise like walking is beneficial treatment to reduce and manage pain.  Walking relieves their pain related stress, makes them eat well, and gives them quality sleep.  The lifestyle change can prevent their individual OA symptoms and extend the life of knees and joints without resorting to more invasive treatments.

But, people who have knee OA, it is hard for them to walk.  OA causes joint stiffness and pain in the front of the knee when doing activities such as kneeling, climbing, and rising from a seated position.  Pain discourages walking.  Sedentary lifestyle adds more stress to them.

But, you know that there are devices such as braces, splints, and canes that can help the body support weak joints.   In addition, a study shows that wearing a brace every day can help relieve pain and possibly prevent damage from knee osteoarthritis.  Wearing the brace not only improves function but also help boost their quality of life.

We want all not to have a life without lifestyle related diseases like type two diabetes, breast cancer, or clogged arteries. Join us walking on the islands of Okinawa


What is Thalassotherapy?

The word thalassotherapy is coined from the Greek words thalassa ("sea") and therap ("remedy"). Ancient people discovered that seawater had natural healing powers and practiced for therapeutic purposes. Today, people rediscovered the therapeutic use of seawater including its climate and marine products such as seaweed and mud. Since seawater and human plasma are so similar, immersions in warm like body temperature water results in minerals to be absorbed directly by the skin. Thalassotherapy increases blood circulation, tones, and moisturizes the skin. People can get thalassotherapy benefits by walking on the beach and breathing the sea air in the warm weather.

Thalassotherapy is popular and good for people with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, and stiff sore muscles and joints. Soaking or doing exercises in warm seawater exercises are beneficial for those who suffer from knee osteoarthritis. Exercise is beneficial for knee osteoarthritis since strong leg muscles support the knee and absorb shock before it gets to the knee. Also, exercise improves the range of motion of the knee. Water exercise can be safer and more comfortable for those who are overweight or suffer from knee osteoarthritis.

Okinawa thalassotherapy is a one of a kind.  Sea water in Okinawa carries a lot of coral calcium salts.  Bathing in it makes you experience an overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Relieve daily stresses to prevent more serious problems before it develops.  

In addition to the unique Okinawa thalassotherapy, you can experience traditional Japanese healing arts used for centuries as a complete system of medicine to address the root cause of disease, restore balance and maintain optimum health. These ancient arts, like acupuncture and shiatsu massage when applied correctly, they work well because they stimulate the body's own natural healing potential. They are safe and no harmful side effects. During treatment, you are so comfortable to experience an overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  After the treatment, you will have diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Knee Braces

We are to introduce you patented unloader knee braces since they are the ones most specifically designed for knee osteoarthritis.  These brace was awarded "Monozukuri Nipppon Taisho," or Manufacturing Japan Grand Prize by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2005. By changing the angle of the knee joint, the unloader knee braces are specially designed to reduce the weight going through the parts of the knee affected by arthritis.  There are three different unloader braces suitable for all severities of arthritis, mild, moderate and severe, but work best when only one part of the knee is affected. Most commonly, arthritis affects the medial (inner) side of the knee, while the lateral (outer) side of the knee is often unaffected, but sometimes it works in reverse.

Each knee brace creates an unloading, which decreases the rubbing of bone on bone that creates the pain with this condition.  It is done by creating pressure from the opposite side with an adjustable hinge while it supports the healthy compartment via a 3 point load system patented.  The amount of pressure applied is then adjusted according to individual's tolerance.  Therefore, it is important to have a proper diagnosis and a knowledgeable practitioner.   If it does not fit or is worn improperly, it will not provide the best benefits.   A knee brace that does not fit properly can cause more harm than good.

It has a light weight frame, and it is extremely easy to put the brace on and off.  The brace attaches above and below the knee, and takes some of the weight off the joint and ligaments surrounding the knee joint.  The three point system hold the brace in place while conforming to your shape for accurate fit. It might be expensive, but many people find this brace helps delay or prevent the need for surgery. It is worth trying. 

Please bear in mind that wearing a knee brace alone makes your joint or ligaments surrounding your knee joint strong.  It provide you stabilization and protection for your weak knee joint while walking or working on your knee exercise.  Exercise makes your muscles stronger.

Lifestyle Change and Change of Diet

Lifestyle is important because how you live decides what you choose.  So, your decision determines how healthy or unhealthy you are.  A healthy lifestyle basically is eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and sleeping well.  Staying healthy means concerning your body first while staying unhealthy means concerning something else before your body.

We like habits and live within our own familiar routines.  We want to keep doing the same things even when we know those things aren't good for us. We buy the same foods from the same store, prepare the same recipes, and go to the same restaurants.  We in the same couch, watch the same TV programs, and eat the same snack even after the meal.  Even if we want to go to bed earlier, we fall sleep late, and then get up late in the following morning and without having breakfast the same routines begin.

Unhealthy habits develop over the course of time, so replacing them with healthy ones requires time, too.  We often run into problems when we try to change too much too fast.  Be patient until new healthy habits become your habit. The problem is that we get so comfortable in our ways that it's hard to give them up.  There is a fear of the unknown or trying something new.  Over time, our habits become automatic, and they are stronger than new habits you are trying to fit into our life.  Old habits die hard. Especially, when we are stressed out, automatic responses often override good intentions.

But if you're serious about changing your bad habits, start thinking differently.   Changing bad habits does not mean having to overhaul your entire lifestyle. Getting healthy doesn’t mean having to overhaul your entire lifestyle. Just a small adjustment can have a domino effect on your other habits.  Focus on dealing with stress differently.  Don't fall back into those bad habits during periods of stress.  For example, don’t use food to help you cope with the situation.  Instead, go out walking, plan your next vacation, or make your wellness or health tour plan.  You can concentrate on your health.