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We Will Help Your Wellness/Health Tourism

Good health is the most important thing in your life.  It is the basis of your goal, achievement, or success.  You will not be happy without good health even if you have achieved certain things.  Leaning to manage and relief stress is a key to preventing serious health problems.

First Step - Taking a Walk

Just walking can help relieve stress.  A research showed that those who walked and did other easy to moderate exercise regularly had lower stress levels than couch potatoes or those who exercised strenuously. While walking, you can get out of stressors, breath fresh air, think and see something else, and hear some sounds, and feel their body move. Walking diverts your mind from your daily stress.

Step Further - Taking a vacation

Taking time off to lower stress levels can keep you healthier.  Have you ever found you feel less physical complaints, more quality of sleep, and better mood after the vacation than before the vacation?  These benefits last longer when you enjoy more during your vacation, don't they?  

Most of the time, you live on a schedule, getting up at the same time every day, and eating the same breakfast, seeing the same people, and experiencing the same environment.  We cannot think anything new but feel daily stresses.  Breaking out of this same old routine by traveling to a different environment, you may put yourself in a problem at first, but trying to solve the problem allows you to think differently.  Something new diverts your mind from your daily stresses.

Step Further Again - Taking Wellness/Health vacation

As well as diversion, taking vacation for your health and wellness emphasizes active search for different healing techniques in regional and local traditions and cultures.  Visiting a SPA, walking to see the beauty of a country, and bathing in the water are connected to relieving stress and/or relaxation.  Fresh air and sunshine are good for your health.

We provide you the latest information that gives your health/wellness benefits that you are looking for. We hope you can find then in Okinawa.

Effects of Stress on The Body

It is important to understand stress and learn how to manage it for the good health because stress is everywhere to wear you down.  You may feel attacked by daily stresses, like time pressure, financial restriction, family matters and so forth.  You don't even know how stressful you are until things fall apart completely because human body has own reaction system to fight against stress or flight ease stress.  Stress, in small amount, is natural and may sometimes even be beneficial.  But, a little by little, minor discomfort like sore shoulder, aches, and pains, when left unmanaged over time, can lead to the development of more serious problems, such as stomach ulcers, cancer, stroke, and heart attack. A study showed a relationship between stress and high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

In addition to the physical effects of stress, it can add to emotional and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and so on. Because of this emotional stress, you cannot think things through, concentrate any, or easily forget some.  It easily makes you irritated, frustrated and impatient with others as well as depressed, angry, unsecured, or feel conflicted.  The psychological effects of stress also play a large part in overall health.

Why Walking?

Stress often interferes with sleep, and with everyday life.

Deigo pictureWalking improves circulation and then increases the availability of oxygen to the brain. Also, walking causes the body to produce several chemicals, including adrenaline, which promote mental alertness. Increased alertness in turn raises metabolic rate.

So, walking helps you sleep better at night and boost your daytime energy levels by the good-night sleep. Walking has the best sleeping-promoting abilities among popular sports like golf, tennis, and bowling. In addition, intense exercise just before bedtime make you hard sleep while easy walking late night make you relax your body and clear your mind so you can fall asleep easily.

Okinawa is one of Japan’s favorite getaways because of unspoiled natural environment. Much of wildlife is underwater of neighbor islands. But, there are a number of indigenous species on the land like Yanbarukuina (Gallirallus okinawae or Okinawa rail), Noguchigera (Sapheopipo noguchii, or Okinawa woodpecker), Iriomote yamaneko (Iriomote wild cat), and less welcome habu snake. If you are lucky, you will see yanbarukuina walking on the street of Yanbaru, forests in the north of Okinawa Main Island.

Nature has nothing to say to us. It is just there without worrying about the future. It gives us time and space to think about what we can and cannot control in our life. When we figure it out, we can start making changes. Walking in nature is healing.

Help you to Walk

 Walking is often prescribed to relieve stress. We recommend a gait analysis if you want to walk but you cannot.  There is much information looking at how a person walks. The mechanics by which the foot loads can affect the rest of his or her body. That is a start of your amazing anti-aging journey. We want you to know that just a minor change can lead to a longer and healthier life.